Faux Your Information!

Faux Your Information!

Hey Everyone! Alright, so when last we spoke I was sharing some past faux fun ideas. As you can see, I had a lot of fun with this medium… A lot of fun! Well It wasn’t long before I found myself without any glass to “do my thing” on. So as many of you know I have a morning ritual of opening all the window blinds, curtains in the house. I’ve said it before and I will say it again…”NEVER be afraid to let God’s light into your home”! Anyway, so as I was opening the vertical blinds in the kitchen, (I should interject at this point to mention that i’m currently residing with my brother) when my brother came in and asked why I was opening the blinds. “Well it’s dark in here..why is something wrong”? My brother’s response was funny… he says “well no, I usually keep them closed so I don’t have to see what all needs to be done back there” (referencing to the work that needed to be done in the backyard)!

Well after I stopped laughing, I said to him “so you keep your kitchen dark so you don’t have to see what’s going on back there”… He explained that he just turns on the kitchen light, but I can’t grasp the concept of throwing a few dollars the electric company’s way for light, when the good Lord is giving you hours of light for free! Okay you guys, I’ve been told on many occasions to pick my battles and here was a battle that I wanted to win. So I looked at the windows, and said “well what if I did something to your windows so you didn’t have to look at the situation in the backyard…would that be cool”? I then explained  to him that I could do his window’s up for him and that way he could have all the light and not the eye sore of a backyard and he agreed!  Yes!… Victory was mine! 🙂 There was more to my argument, but i’m giving your the short version of the “battle at Matlock”. So I set off to take a look at some windows on the internet, and then brought him three options to choose from. The following window was his choice. He said “are you sure you can replicate this window”? I assured him that I would do my best and off I went.

Well as I went along with the process, his excitement grew, (along with his respect for his sister’s abilities). And while the original window has clear glass next to the mermaid, I told him we could frost that part so he could have all the light and not have to see what all needed to be done in the backyard and he said “great”! When I finished, I with great reluctance, put the vertical blinds back in place. I agreed to do the windows not eliminate the blinds. Well to my great surprise, my brother came in two days later and asked why I had put the blinds back up. “I thought that was what you wanted”… Well he like them so much that he requested that I take the blinds back down and now this lovely window is what we wake up to everyday!

We’ve had several requests for me to do the same to other windows since, but once I did his kitchen window, I was hooked. I knew that if I could do this that I could do actual stained glass and my feet were set off on a new path! So what’s today’s lesson? Well for starters, stop giving your money to the electric company! Let some of the heavens universal light into your home. Use your imagination…go into the kitchen and take a look at the window and say to yourself “so just what would I like to see everyday if I could change what I see”?  I personally believe that vertical blinds will be a thing of the past. They’re dated, unattractive, and offer little light filtering. It’s not good for your overall spirit. Let some of God or Source or whatever you call your higher power’s light into your home along with some colors of the chakras, and infuse energy into your home and spirit!

If your in college, rep your school colors on your windows, or better yet, your fraternity logo! If  you have a church that doesn’t have any stained glass windows, use your talent to do the windows…you’ll be the star parishioner, and be blessed for helping bring an energy and spiritual well being to everyone! Okay so here’s my favorite part…it’s inspiration time! A before and after of the kitchen window and some inspiration for that lucky parishioner! Please click on the picture to get the best view. God bless and see you on the next post! 🙂

Original picture...I wish I'd saved the info on who did this originally.

Original picture…I wish I’d saved the info on who did this originally.











Before kitchen window...a winters day...

Before kitchen window…a winters day…


































Evening view

Evening view









Calling all Parishioners…. this one’s for you! 😉

















































Stained Glass for a New Age


Hello and welcome to my blog! I want to share with you my mission if you will to “reintroduce” to the world a new and fresh approach to the use of stained glass into your home and spiritual consciousness. As many of you already know glass art has for centuries been the source of inspiration in religion and art. Scholars and leaders have known of its power to affect and move the human spirit. We’ve seen evidence of this in religious houses of worship on every continent. It is this very power, this energy, this essence that has drawn me to create this blog.

I’ve had the opportunity to rediscover my love of glass and it’s while working with this incredible medium, that I discovered what it truly can do to the human spirit as it relates to not only the spirit, but the spirit of the home! I had recently taken an interest in metaphysics and the universal energy that dwells within, and I started strengthening and reconnecting with my universal energies with the use of the chakras. For anyone unfamiliar with what a chakra is chakras are energy points along the central meridian of the body. Each chakra has its own color. Before even learning about the chakras, I had worked on a project for a glass contest that contained the colors of the chakras in it, but without even noticing. I put the project away after the contest. Okay, so fast forward a year later…spring was doing its best to come around, and we had a few days of warmth and sun. I decided to bring it back out and take another look at my project and that’s when I began to notice the affects of the colors on both myself and family. My nephew is a gamer and loves to play his video games in the dark. One day I entered the room and there he was in full game mode. I walked by him and began my usual ritual of opening the window blinds in the house, and came to the window that had my project and opened it. My nephews’ first reaction was one of “heeeeey”…I said “good morning Dracula” and opened the blinds. He gave a slight sigh and as he did I said to him “don’t be afraid to let Gods light into your home” and walked away. He sat in the room all afternoon and the better part of the evening. Well the next day I went into the room expecting the same exasperated response to my opening the windows and what I received instead was something I did not expect. As I walked by the window he said “hey, aren’t you going to open the window”? I was so surprised by his response I was at a loss for words! So I went back to him and said “you want me to open it”? He said “yes…the picture is really cool”! So I opened it and every day after of his spring break! What also followed after was a complete surprise to me as well.

The project sat in a room with a television that wasn’t as big as the television in the room next door.  A few days later my brother, (who is a huge gamer himself so the kids got it honest), had company over for a little gaming fun, and as I walked in and out of the room I noticed that one of the visiting gamers was in the room with the project in the window and was all smiles while playing the games. The next day they had came over again for more gaming fun and this time I noticed the other visitor in the room by himself playing the game. He seemed relaxed and happy playing.

Then came the day I had my epiphany if you will in regards to the project and everyone’s connection to it. Everyone was gone from the house and it was quiet. As I walked by the room I found myself drawn to the project. I couldn’t take my eyes of its brilliance beaming in the window. I walked into the room and sat down in quiet admiration. As I starred at it, I said to myself “huh, look at all the chakra colors in the project”… It was something I had never noticed before. But the longer I sat there, the more I felt the energies of the colors infusing their way into my spirit. The vibrant red grounding me, connecting me with our earth, the energizing orange, stirring my emotions in such a way I felt blessed and overwhelmed really. The bright life giving energy of the yellow blessing me with its energy and vitality. Ahh…the heart chakra color green with all its deep richness… infuses all of its love and compassion into my spirit. The fifth and sixth chakras light and dark blue pouring their way into my conscious encouraging my creativity and beckoning me to make more use of my communication skills…(thank you so very much). And the seventh chakra, violet…blessed violet…your lights providing me with the ability to listen to my higher self, a consciousness, and an enlightenment of what’s happening before me, to me.

As I sat there with my thoughts, I was consumed with the feeling that what I’m feeling is not only the energies of the chakras, but Gods light and love illuminating through me as well! That’s literally a double whammy of positivity and love! I thought to myself, “Why wouldn’t anyone want this kind of energy into their home and life”?? I believe when we hear the words stained glass, we immediately think of church. But today’s stained glass is not only for aesthetic appeal on your front door, but can fill your home with an energy and a style that would be all your own! It baffles me why anyone would keep their blinds closed to their home blocking out all of heavens universal light, energy and love. Your home becomes dark and I believe the only time your home should be dark is when you’re sleeping and charging your body for another day.

I’ve decided to create this blog to hopefully inspire others to take another look at stained glass. I’m not a doctor or a professional in the field of psychiatry, but as I’ve stated before, I’ve seen its power at work in my own home. The beneficial properties of having stained glass in your home are wonderful! Just as stained glass has the ability to inspire and humble the human spirit in church, it also has the ability to maintain a healthy spiritual balance in the home. The colors of the chakras, as well as the heavens universal light, can infuse their way though out whatever room of the home you chose to place your piece. I personally feel that it would not be a bad idea to have stained glass in the family room or kitchen or wherever people gather the most in your home. Another excellent place to have stained glass is in your meditation room. Just imagine meditating and sitting near a window that has the stained glass, and as you meditate, the universal light is infusing your spirit, bringing balance to your chakras or assisting in bringing you peace or calm. I also believe that there is a global consciousness that is now taking place. People are starting to awaken and are now more than ever seeing the awesome power of the universal flow of energy, and how it works its purpose in their lives.

There are thousands of talented artists out there making beautiful, original creative designs that are sure to bring a whole new feeling to your home and let me tell you, once you get a piece in your home you will surly notice its positive effects almost immediately. You’ll want to spend more time in the room that contains the glass. And depending on the colors chosen for your space, you can feel the energies of calmness, peace, love, creativity, spiritual awareness, grounding one’s self, love of self, joy etc. In my future posts, I hope to focus on other artists creative pieces and encourage anyone who wishes to do so to email me with a piece they made and I will post it to my blog as well as where they can find your piece!

Some of you are probably wondering where is the piece that inspired such amazing feelings to come fourth. And while I don’t have the best camera to convey the beauty that displays itself here, it’s posted here on my blog. I’m also happy to say it came in second place! I also want to mention that the pattern was purchased from The Glass Pattern Source. They have wonderful patterns to choose from so please pop over to their website and have a look!

Well now that we’vecropped-0173.jpg heard about some of the beneficial properties of having stained glass in our homes, let’s grab the keys and get out there and see if we can get some of that great energy into our homes!

Let There Be Light!

Let There Be Light!

I’m very excited to give you today’s post, because it was given to me by spirit and I was asked to relay it to you! Today as I was going through my morning ritual of opening the blinds I entered a room that had direct sunlight, and as I opened the windows I was taken aback by the warmth of the light and how its rays radiated my spirit with such a feeling… my first thought? Ummm, thank you father… God/Source light energy is simply amazing. It’s impossible to start you day off on a bad note when you’ve been hit with light source energy. I think it’s one of the main reasons why so many people start off on such a bad footing in the morning… you didn’t get your shot of light source energy! Even if you had a difficult day before, you can always open the blinds and take in the energy of a brand new day. It’s an energy that says to your spirit “today is a new day where all things are possible”.

I went into my project room and as I began to work on a new glass project, some rather interesting thoughts came to me… how beneficial light/source energy is to us on so many levels. The first being how it’s energy infuses our home with the warmth and radiance of love which is so important, particularly if you have children. I’ve said in a couple of blog post how light is good for the overall energetic health of our homes, as well as our personal spirit. When color is added, it gives an extra dimension and dynamic. Children thrive on light source energy. It encourages them to laugh, play, sing, and dance with joy, which is why most young parents take their kids out into the light to parks.

Another important reason to open our blinds is for the protection of our neighborhoods! I know that the general consensus is to keep our blinds closed for safety, but when you really think about it, it’s more important to keep them open in the daytime. Pedophiles count on the fact that most people keep their blinds closed. They’re free to roam you neighborhoods and look for children playing and no ones watching. If we all had our blinds open, we can see who’s playing in their yards, and whose car is circling around watching them. We can see who’s creeping around our neighbors windows, and can readily call the police, alerting them to what’s going on.

One of the more positive aspects of being a child in the 60’s was that most people had their windows open so the likely hood of being bullied was considerably less. A child is less likely to “act up” if he/she knows that someone might possibly be watching them out of their windows.

Another positive aspect to opening your blinds is the universal fact that dark energy simply can’t stand light energy so by keeping your blinds open you are less likely to invite dark energies into your home and spirit. Most people who have dark energies tend to keep there windows closed, paint their windows black, so that they can be free to think dark thoughts, and are far more likely to commit dark acts. It’s a sad fact, but pedophiles, child molesters, rapists, and porn addicts all commit these dark actions under the cover of darkness. They keep there blinds closed so no one can see there dark acts being committed on defenseless individuals, or in the case of the porn addict, on themselves.

Another positive aspect of light/source energy is it encourages forgiveness. Say you had a really big blow up with your spouse or friend the night before, now it’s the next day and you wake up to what you’re sure is gonna be a difficult morning… you go to open the blinds in your bedroom if your upstairs, or kitchen if your downstairs, and you’re immediately hit with God/Source energy, and deep down in your spirit you’re feeling the love and warmth of its rays, and in that moment, a tiny voice says to your spirit, “everything’s gonna be okay”. In that instant as you’re basking in the rays of light, you are able to quietly mull over what you were arguing about and in some cases willing to contemplate or compromise a solution to your problem as forgiveness has crept into your heart. Source/light energy can reduce anxiety, and stress, and even boost your immune system.open-blinds-feature

And don’t worry about the light hurting your furniture ladies…it just gives us an extra reason to get rid of old outdated furniture! (wink…your welcome girls 🙂 ) So please people “let there be light!” For the overall health of the homes energy, for the health of you and your family, for the safety of your neighborhood open your blinds!


Those Who Can’t… Teach!

Those Who Can’t… Teach!

Hi Everyone!

Happy New year to you! I hope your new year is starting off on a good foot. Well it’s been a while since I’ve made a new post… why? Well I wanted to make some pieces of my own to show you to give you further examples of how a modern stained glass piece could compliment your home and give it the spiritual energy it needs, but circumstances forced me to put my ideas on hiatus. After a while I figured that even though I was not in the position to showcase my own work, I can still show you excellent examples of others work… after all the main point of all this is to show you stained glass art, so who cares who made it!

The image I chose today is one that I think is a great example of the use of modern stained glass art into the home I found on oghhk.com. These are stained glass cabinets. What I love about them is that there are a few chakra colors that will bring wonderful energy to your home. Beginning with the base chakra color red. Red has a very grounding energy, and as such should provide your home’s energy with security, stability, and when your root chakra is balanced, your better able to manifest more abundance and have limitless energy. The yellowish hues in the glass are good for your solar plexus area, and provides your home with a more joyous atmosphere. When your homes solar plexus energy is balanced, it aids in providing a healthy self esteem as well as a healthy sense of self power. You will tend to feel more relaxed. There’s more peace, radiance, inner harmony and a offers an overall vitality and feeling of good will in your home.

The lighter blue is great for the throat chakra, giving everyone the confidence to voice their concerns, opinions, views and outlooks on life. You’ll possess the confidence and integrity to speak your truth, which in turn gives everyone the feeling of freedom and encourages independence! It’s also great in aiding creative self expression so for all you artists, having any stained glass with shades of blue is a must! The darker more indigo blue is excellent for your third eye chakra. This energy is fantastic because if you have children, it can aid in their concentration and imagination,  as well as their piece of mind. For anyone who is more spiritually inclined or those wishing to connect more with their spiritual side, it’s excellent for intuition, insight, and clairvoyance and aids in manifestation work, so if your trying to manifest that promotion, or starting your own business this is the energy for you!

So you can see that just by infusing a little color along with the energy of source’s divine light, you can do so much more for the health of your home than you can even imagine. The image I saw on the internet I believe were originally sliding doors, but may have sold. Even it you were to purchase the cabinet glass, by simply installing any light source behind them will do wonders for your home aesthetically as well as energetically. So make that purchase for your home… I really think you will be glad you did! cabinet stained glass


Just Faux Fun

Just Faux Fun

Hey everyone, I’ve found myself in between projects at the moment, and thought I’d share some of my past projects with you! Today’s projects were used with the Gallery Glass faux stained glass medium. They were inspired by other projects that I had seen on the internet. I wanted to see if I could replicate what I had seen using this medium. When I say that I can’t say enough good things about this medium, I mean I can’t. It’s just such a fun way to have the stained glass piece that you’ve longed for but without the expense of purchasing grinders, flux, solder, foil, patina etc. And when you think of all the things you can do with it…. Make your son’s favorite team logo on his window. He get’s his favorite team displayed, and you mom, get to infuse positive energy into his room. (unless he’s a Yankees fan…black and white are not energy colors, but whadda ya gonna do)

For your daughters room you can design flowers on the windows using reds, yellows, oranges, purples, greens, and blues. Using these chakra colors will infuse the positive energies into her room and in her spirit, not to mention the overall health of your home. Another fun idea would be to use her school colors and create a fun design or school logo! Just about any room that your family gathers in the most will benefit from using this medium. Gallery Glass also has books with tons of design ideas for your living room, door, transoms etc. So if your looking to update your home with some fresh ideas please look into this medium!

Okay so back to the windows…so what I did was posted a pic of the window I saw on the internet and my version of what I saw. And I have one more of the apartment that I did. My landlord promised me she would have blinds put up when we moved in among other things…needless to say that never happened. So I was all to happy to take matters into my own hands and do my thing. I loved how it turned out. I hope it serves as inspiration for you guys to go do the same. You can purchase the Gallery Glass supplies at your local Michael’s Craft store. Happy glassing and see you on the next post!


Internet photo

Internet photo













My version

My version













Internet version

Internet version













My camera's not the best ...I hope to get another one soon...

My camera’s not the best …I hope to get another one soon…













Before..."hey neighbors..i'm sure you're great people, but you don't wanna see me first thing in the morning"!

Before…”hey neighbors..i’m sure you’re great people, but you don’t wanna see me first thing in the morning”!











A work in progress...

A work in progress…










All done! :-)

All done! 🙂



















What I saw at night... :-)

What I saw at night… 🙂










This one is just to show the final         work in the living room :-)

This one is just to show the final work in the living room 🙂














Faux Stained Glass… the Affordable Alternative



Hello again everyone! Okay, so last we spoke I touched on the beauty of stained glass and its wonderful spiritual properties for your home and even office space if you’re dealing in the healing arts. Some of you are probably saying to yourself “wow Chiquita, what you’re saying sounds terrific, but I can’t afford a beautiful stained glass piece right now”… I’m here to tell you that you absolutely can afford stained glass or at least the look of stained glass!

Before I began working with actual stained glass, I had discovered a terrific faux stained glass medium, and let me tell you it is the most interesting and fun way to achieve the look of actual stained glass, without the extreme costs of creating or purchasing that I’ve ever come across! It’s where I first cut my teeth so to speak on working with stained glass. The faux stained glass concept is fairly similar to working with actual stained glass…there’s lead lines, soldering, and etching mediums, only the application process is mostly in liquid form and you will be applying it to glass!

Okay enough with the suspense, what is it you ask? Well it’s called Gallery Glass. Carol Smith, creator of this medium has been working with the medium for over twenty years. I’m not sure why this medium is not more in the forefront of creative design. It’s so much fun to work with. I have some before and after pictures of a couple of windows that I did while working with it. The instructions are fairly simple, and the overall look is pretty amazing. Before I started working with stained glass, I created these windows and people could not tell that they were not real. Of course someone who deals with actual stained glass would probably be able to tell the difference, but most of us are not dealing with the pros on a daily basis are we?


And the overall costs to purchase the Gallery Glass are considerably cheaper than the real deal, plus you have the opportunity to express yourself creatively. Not to mention the bonus of having the colors infusing your home with all that positive energy. As I’ve mentioned before, if your desired goal is to have positive energy flowing throughout your home, but you can’t afford the immediate cost of actual stained glass, this is the way to go!

When I first discovered this medium it was like striking gold! I wanted to keep this little treasure all to myself, but in the new age of consciousness it’s all about sharing what you have or at least what you know with the rest of the world so that others may prosper. I want everyone to have the opportunity to have God’s light and universal energy in their home. That’s the ultimate goal here. A healthy spiritual home creates healthy beings. And healthy beings create a happy healthy world for us all to live in. So let there be light!

Now for those who are looking for a more practical approach to using the medium, there’s the privacy that these windows can offer. Take a look at the before and after of the apartment window that I did. Before I did this I could see my neighbors and they could see me. But I have a need for privacy, so I created this design from an old window I saw on the internet and then applied the medium and here were the results…beauty and privacy! Again, it’s win, win. Oh, and I should also point out that the colors last for years! So if you think you can’t get stained glass in your home, think again…it’s as simple as a little imagination and this medium and you too can have it! Here’s a link to their web page http://www.plaidonline.com/catalog/GalleryGlass